Certificates of Registration

This is a translation of one of the Сertificates of State Registration. The copies of original documents can be found below on this page.



Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing

Deputy Chief State Sanitary Officer of the Russian Federation


(authorized body of the Parties, head of the authorized body, name of the administrative-territorial entity)


№ RU 08.07.2015


“PO-Fitness” a specialized food product for sports nutrition. Manufactured in compliance with the documents: TC 9197-092-68908716-2014. Manufacturer-“ Binapharm” Ltd, Fadeev str., 7, build. 1,  of.2, Moscow, 125047 (address of manufacturing:  premises of “ Biomed after Mechnikov I.I.  ” Petrovo-Dalnee, Moscow region).

Holder: “Binapharm “Ltd, Fadeev str., 7,   build. 1, of. 2 , Moscow, 125047, Russian Federation.

(product name, technical Regulations conforming manufactured product, company/manufacturer name and location, holder)

in compliance with technical Regulations of the Customs Union  TR TC 021/2011, TR TC 027/2012, TR TC 022/2011 was registered, entered in the State  Register and was granted the permit of production, sale and use for athletes during intense training, as a supplement to the basic diet in accordance with a program developed for certain types of sports, under the supervision of a sports physician or sports nutrition specialist.The Certificate is issued on pursuant to the ( list of testing protocols, names of organizations (research laboratories, testing center) conducted the study, other documents reviewed):

Test report RTC FSBOS  the State Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition №257/000768/11-15 of 28.04.2015,

Expert conclusion № 72/Э-2344/и-11 of  27.10.2011 Reseach Institute of Nutrition.

Validity of the certificate of the State Registration is set for the entire period of the product manufacture or delivery of the certified goods on the territory of the Customs Union.

Full name, signature,
position of the authorized person issued the document,
seal of the the issuing body.

№ 0319557