Adaptogens of Binapharm Ltd

“Binapharm” Ltd is the leader in developing and manufacturing new generation biotechnological products for sports. The active ingredients of the products are adaptogens as a source of energy, strength and health. The group of nutrient components that enhance the body’s endurance to adverse and extreme conditions, stimulate physical and mental performance.

That’s why they are so popular among professional athletes and those in adaptation to daily stressors. These individuals are regular users of such supplements as Pure Organic, Tonus 007, TO-90, and P.O. Fitness.

Protective functions of the body yield due to aggressive environment, poor nutrition, and bad habits. Adaptogens contribute to be in great shape.

Pharmacalogical and prophylactic qualitis of adoptogens

The benefit of adaptogen preparations can be compared with the protective substances produced in the body. Unlike any doping substances, used for the body stimulation resulting in health damage, adaptogens are absolutely safe and nontoxic.

They do not contain any prohibited in sports substances, moreover they have pharmacalogical and prophylactic benefits:

  • Balance metabolism processes in the body
  • Raise resistance to various infections
  • Increase body resistance to allergic reactions
  • Reduce the risks for neuro psychiatric disorders
  • The latest research  has proved that adaptogens  have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Binapharm products are made on the basis of herbal adaptogens

Scientists believe that biologically active substances of adaptogenic activity contain living organisms that survived global natural disasters: ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Rhaponticum, lemongrass, etc. Along with herbal adaptogens, there are animal adaptogens (bee products). They all have excellent resistance to extreme stressors.

It is not surprising that due to the intense physical activity, unbalanced diet, desynchronosis the need in adaptogenic substances will increase. Herbal adaptogens have been successfully used in oriental medicine to improve the body’s defenses.