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№ 295/17   «14» June, 2006

During preparation for the Winter Olympics in Turin, the members of the national team in cross country skiing (Chepalova group) used preparations “Pure Organic” and “PO-90” as the principal pharmacological agents.  The preparations in this series at the course of their application within 5 months significantly contributed to overall athletic performance. They normalized concentration of urea and lactate in the blood, regardless the intensity and volume of training, testosterone levels significantly increased, enabling a wide range of loads to increase the level. In the same period, it was found the antioxidant effect of the preparation. The preparations are well tolerated by athletes, no side effects were found. Thereby, we would recommend these preparations to be used in sports medicine as a remedy to enhance performance in sports with the required degree of endurance.


Senior coach of the Russian cross-country skiing, Honored coach – Chepalov A.M.

Coach of the Russian national cross-country skiing team, Honored coach – Povzner A.N.

Doctor-physiologist – Ledovskoy S.M.