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№ 0 0 0 4 2 5 ,  «6» October, 2001

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The effect of  “Pure Organic” course (14 days) was studied.  Registration Certificate of Russia is № 002015.R.643.08.2000: TR: 9882-001-52696347-00 the manufacturer. Ltd. “Teva”) provided the product as adaptogenic and actoprotective supplement to study the current psychophysiological state of athletes- volunteers.

To evaluate the efficacy of the preparation homeostasis parameters, there were tested the dynamics of the special and general performance, athletes recovery after strenuous exercise. It was noted evident growth of such integrated indicators of performance improvement as the total value of the work done in the test as well as, per kg. Weight. The subjects -volunteers who used the preparation showed obviously faster way of blood circulatory adaptation and other shifts indicating a more steadfast economization of apparatus functions, blood circulation including the recovery phase at that. The study of the functional state of the neuromuscular system also showed a better adaptability of the neuromuscular system to physical stressors in the given category (group) of athletes who took in the preparation.

Athletes -volunteers who took the preparation in were administered by lower creatinine level at the state of rest and more efficient recovery of the lactate and creatinine levels after workouts, thus confirming the ability to a more complete returning to physiological parameters, while taking the preparation in.

Unbiased increase of performance parameters in the subjects can be achieved either by economizing the functional reserves of the body, or by their mobilization. These changes are likely caused by the composition of the applied product; however, it requires further experimental study and confirmation.  It is clear that the preparation works not only as a stimulant but also mainly as an adaptogen- actoprotector, which enables to increase the number of functional reserves, and “train the body” how quickly mobilize these reserves. However, the two-week course of supplement “Pure Organic” is not optimal, although the obtained results enable to conclude that the preparation has a marked positive effect on the body with a longer consumption. According to objective medical examination and subjective self-assessment test, when the supplement was consumed during 14 days, any negative side effects were not registered.

Conclusions: The results of the research after two week consumption of supplement “Pure Organic” as the daily dietary nutrient enable us to recommend it for athletes – ice hockey players team “Dynamo /M. / as a remedy to maintain their performance, increase endurance for intense exercise and reduce the recovery period.


Physician of  masters team  “Dynamo Ice Hockey” – V.E. Konov