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on the results of the trial of “Pure Organic” preparation
in the Russian national team of swimmers

Biologically active supplement “Pure Organic” was used in a group of eight athletes from the national team on swimming prior to the world championship training that took place in Vladivostok (2-17 July 2001).

The above-mentioned preparation was applied:

  • To normalize acclimatization (temporary) under the conditions of travelling through different time zones and desynchronosis effect.
  • Enhance immune stability of the athletes
  • Improve recovery processes at the prior to the event period

Test procedure: “Pure Organic” was used in the dosage recommended during the training period prior to the event for 10-12 days.  During the workouts the loads were adjusted to the competition activities requirements.

All athletes from the above mentioned group generally consumed a complex of vitamins and other preparations with energetic qualities recommended by the personalized pharmacological program.

Results:  According to the questionnaire filled in the group no side effects of “Pure Organic” were registered. Swimming testing programs were performed on the lavish scale.  The balancing effect of the preparation on desynchronosis was recorded.  At the time of training periods when “Pure Organic” was used no cases of disorders were recorded. The athletes, who took in “Pure Organic” 10-12 days prior to the swimming event, showed high achievements    at the World championship in Fukuoka (Japan), they won one gold, one silver and two bronze medals as their personal results in the competitions.

Preliminary results of the above mentioned supplement in practice of pre-competition training   enables to claim that the preparation has a beneficial effect on adaptation processes when travelling across time zones, as well as it is effective for effective body functioning.

Further studies of “Pure Organic” effects at the period of pre-event training and competitive activities under biochemical testing and control could contribute to a full review.


Physician of the Russian national team on swimming    /signature/       Miliy V.S