Presentation of research paper at the University in Innsbruck

Presentation of research paper at the University in Innsbruck


– Talpalatsky Daniel / Director General of  “Binapharm” Ltd.,


– Laco Kacani Phd  / CEO of Austrian Drug Screening Institute,
– Thomas Jakschitz / Head of Laboratory Analytical Division of Austrian Drug Screening Institute,

– Mag.Dr.h.c. Gunther Bonn / Head of Intitute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry,
– Michael Shpehtenhauser  / Honorary consul of  RF in Federal State of Tyrol
– Pavel Tipkin / General Director of “Binasport  “GMBH (Austria).

Modern professional sport is in need of supplements and specialized products that can help attain athletic achievements and improve physical performance of athletes. At the same time, they must be safe, do not enter the WADA banned substances list and be affordable in terms of a price. The products based on natural adaptogens are produced by our company , they utterly meet these requirements.

Our products have been tested and closely examined twice in VNIIFK research institute with participation of the leading specialists. The swimmers of high qualification were the subjects. The tests were also carried out during training camp sessions with the members of the athletics team of Russia under the supervision of the team sports medicine physicians. The target of the testing was to study the benefit of the daily administration of the supplement PO-complex for two weeks on the indicators of physical performance, recovery rate after intense training, and changes in testosterone, cortisol, and lactate levels with growing physical intensity. PO-complex is a series of products having different product forms: beverage “Tonus 007”, capsules “PO-90”, and a balanced substrate “ Pure Organic prepared on the basis of honeybee products.

The study showed that PO- complex enhanced the athletes capacities to withstand the physical and psychological stressors , they reduced the recovery period after high intensity exercise.

Here are some of the most important trial results:

  1. PO-complex consumption contributed to the anabolic index (AI) stabilization. The proper balance between exercises and recovery period is registered in terms of cortisol and testosterone levels in blood. The ratio of these two values gives the anabolic index, AI. If a cortisol level is higher than that of a testosterone, then the index is low, and an athlete needs more rest and recovery time. If cortisol levels are too low, it is necessary to increase physical activity, in order to achieve the best results.The studies showed that the quantitative relation of anabolic index indicators during 2-week administration, compared with the athletes of placebo group was much better. This means that the recovery of the body was easier and took less time, and physical loads had an optimum effect.
  2. With PO use there was the marked decrease in lactate acid levels in the blood of athletes after exercises, as compared with the placebo group, or alternative drugs.
  3. Increase of an endogenous testosterone level was registered after PO consumption, compared to the placebo group, or alternative drugs.
  4. The course application of PO –complex on the background of physical activity at ANSP tends to accelerate the fat consumption from the depot and reduce fat mass in the subcutaneous layer – fat of the body.
  5. PO- complex use showed high efficacy in testing athletes for the physical and psychological fatigue, deterioration of reaction during stressors.  Fatigue came  much later, as the acute responses were maintained.

As a result of clinical trials PO-complex has been recommended as an effective device to enhance recovery and a special performance of athletes in aerobic and initial-mixed zones of energy supply.

These results are primarily based on understanding of biochemical mechanisms of adaptogens group substances mainly of herb origin and their biochemical influence on the body of the athletes.

“Adaptogens” is the official name approved by the European Medicines Agency and the Agency for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adaptogens contribute to the body’s production of the two important substances: neuropeptide Y (NY) and heat shock protein 72 (Hsp72), which are responsible for stress resistance of the organism and protection of protein cellular structures. These data are confirmed by more than 20 years of research in Europe and the United States and published in several scientific journals (Journal of Athletic Enhancement, Phytotherapy Research).

Our research work on the mechanism of adaptogens activity, aimed at the role of the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, certain aspects of the metabolic processes and correlation of the obtained results with the data of published research works enabled us to formulate a general concept of this mechanism. It includes three components:

The inhibition of lipid peroxidation (LPO) and cellular elements protection from destruction by free radicals, which manifests itself as optimization of the cells mitotic activity, hyperlipidemia and propagating lipids to generate the energy that goes into the synthesis of ATP, 2) selective correction of sympathoadrenal system as a result of inhibiting catechol-O-methyltransferase of catecholaminergic synapses and subsequent limitation of their functions, 3) limitation and prolongation of the function of the pituitary-adrenocortical system of gonads, the function dependent on the former two components and acting as depletion prevention  of the glands under stress due to steroid hormones  protection from oxidation in the lipid reactions (LPO) and limitation of  activating impact of sympathoadrenal system on the hypothalamic-pituitary complex. This mechanism eventually leads to elevation of the system structural trace formation – the result of long-term adaptation.

Adaptogens, being antioxidants and energy supplying compounds, protect the body from damaging impact. Their effect is similar to the protective action of the substances produced in the body.

Adaptogens facilitate the stability of cell membranes. Penetrating inside, they activate intracellular systems, causing the restructuring of the organism adaptation.  As a result, the body begins to function more economically, consuming less energy. Its defense systems (antioxidants) are being mobilized. Due to restructuring, the body acquires the capacity to resist to various pathological conditions development. In addition, adaptogens stimulate the synthesis of endogenous bio-stimulants that activate the immune system (interferon, interleukin, etc.). The resistance to various infections is increased, at that.

Biologically active substances of adaptogenic activity produce relict forms of living organisms, emerged global cataclysms. Thanks to this ability they possess sufficient stability to extreme influences.

Biochemical and physiological studies of the active components of herb adaptogens, allowed us to integrate them into the formula. As a result, the cumulative and antagonistic components have been eliminated to reach the synergy of the combined effect of the active substances. The specialists of our company carry out the entire production process; from the preparation of herbs raw materials to the manufacture of the finished forms,  our products undergo regular tests on safety and quality in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Constant administration of the products of “BINAPHARM” Ltd has proved their significant role in the improvement of adaptation processes in the sports of high achievements.

PO-complex contributes to increasing athletes power and endurance and withstanding extra loads without side effects. It is also beneficial to endure high intensity loads approaching to the glycolytic ones. Energy providing complexes, produced by “BINAPHARM” Ltd.  harmoniously mobilize the body’s defense systems, maintain a constant internal environment for a long time, preventing damages of plastic and energetic processes in the tissue.

PO-complex increases the reaction response, expands the compensatory-regenerative processes in the nervous system, removing the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, intensifying the recovery of the athletes body functions.